CSW vs Nox [BO3]

CSW vs Noxious Gaming
Best Of 3
Dota 2 Pro League
5.12.2013, 18:00 CEST
Prediction: CSW

Latest 3 Match Results:
CSW vs SYF - 2:0
CSW vs MI6 - 2:0
CSW vs Hans Reborn - 2:0
Current cyberGamers Rank: 1

Latest 3 Match Results:
Nox vs MI6 - 1:0
Nox vs Team Storm - 0:2
Nox vs Hans Reborn -0:2
Current cyberGamers  Rank: 5

CSW looking very strong in the league currently and have not even lost a single match over quite a long period of time. Nox on the other hand is looking abit shaky although one of the members, PPX will not be playing for them due to an injury and this guy will be standing in instead: Tomato. Might be an interesting BO3 but I still think CSW will take it.

Source: reddit

Throw Possibility: 50% - (Don't understand? click here) 
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